This one site of mine is always slow



Hi all.

I’m having a couple of sites at dreamhost but this one site is always very slow. I think this could be because of one of two things and I hope you can tell me which:

  1. It uses Wordpress
  2. It’s because it’s a Dreamhost private/cloaked site

I don’t use any of these ‘features’ on the other sites so I figured it has to be one of these two.

The site is


How are you defining slow? It completely loads for me in 4-5 seconds. Initial response is a bit sluggish at 906ms. My pings are 70-90 ms so my latency is decent.

My own blog is image-free and loads in less than a second - it also has an initial response around 100ms. It is fully cached using wp-cache, though.

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It’s not 2. (privacy/cloaking is at the registry/domain level, it does not factor into speed at all)

It may be 1. (use wp-cache and such wherever possible), though you may also want to look into setting up PHP FCGI (have a look at for that). Wordpress is notorious for being … let’s say liberal … with resources.


Thank you both for the feedback.

It’s more 8 to 10 seconds than 4 to 5 seconds until it loads. I just clocked it several times and although it sometimes comes up in 5 it moestly takes around 8 - 10 seconds. It also doesn’t display anything up to this point. It just says “Connecting to…” and when it finally connects its there in 2 seconds. Call me a spoiled brat but when a page takes this long to display I don’t wont to see it at all and just move on. FYI I do not have this issue with any other page hosted at Dreamhost.

Anyways, I thought I had found something when I used another template but that wasn’t the culprit also. The caching feature is enabled by defailt right? That’s what the dreamhost mail said right after I installed it 2 weeks ago…


BTW, try to make sure you’re not logged in as an admin when you hit the site. That generates slightly different pages.

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