This is the NoOb Forum? Right?



I have my domain name.

I have Dreamhost as my hosting site.

I’ve tried using their “help” in the “Dream Host Panel”… but their email was a bot and it didn’t address my problem.

OK here it is.

I install WordPress onto the hosting site with my domain name. It seemed awkward and not intuitive for a noOb like me. I found Concrete5, read up on it watched a few YouTube Videos and it seemed like the right web builder(?) for me.

I deleted WP from the one click installs and installed Concrete5. It said the install was successful but it need some more info from me to get it going…

Email From DreamHost Installer Robot :

[quote= BoT Email ]Here is the mySQL info that your install of concrete5 will need to use:

Hostname: .*.***
Database: *******.
User: **********
Password: *******[/quote]

Then it gave a link to plug that info in to…

[quote]Site Information
Name Your Site:
Administrator Information
Email Address:
Confirm Password:
Database Information
MySQL Username:
MySQL Password:
Database Name:[/quote]

As you can see, I’m a noOb and to me the information they sent me in the email isn’t the same info I new to fill out the signing in process they want me to finish to start Concrete5.

Any suggestions?


Here is how to translate.
For the other requested fields, just name the site and in the Admin information supply an email address and password that you will use to log into the application as admin.

Database Information
Server: = Hostname
MySQL Username: = User
MySQL Password: = Password
Database Name: = Database


Thanks, That did the trick.