This is taking forever

I sent a money order about 2 weeks ago to Dream Host. I realize that’s not the best option, but in my case it’s the only option.
Anyways. I have contacted them a few times about this taking so long, but every time I get the same reply.

" We’re sorry for the wait, we will have the money order guy check to see if a money order for your account had been delivered."

That’s cool and all, but I never hear anything further then that. They don’t tell me whether or not any money order has arrived.

That bring me to my question.
Those of you who have paid by money order, how long has it taken for you to hear something about your account being approved?

Is 2 weeks too long, or am I being impatient? I live in Canada, so that may also slow things down a bit.

Maybe a post delay ?

For a money order (like for a check sent) you never know what is the point where everything slow down :frowning:

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Until you know they have it, there’s more reason to be upset with the post office than DH.

Can’t you check the status of the money order? I wouldn’t expect to see the account activated if it hasn’t been cashed yet.

If it has been cashed, maybe contact DH letting them know when it was cashed and see what needs to be done to speed things up.

Generally, though… if I want something to happen fast, I’m not going to rely on the post office. I’ve had express mail take 4 days to go 100 miles and first class mail that hit 30 days before being delivered. Of course, even that’s better than the several times I’ve received what’s left of destroyed letters in a plastic bag with an apology.

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Money order delay isn’t DHs fault. But if money order from Canada to America take more than 2 weeks then Asia(specially South Asia) to America will take atleast 10 weeks :@ :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :@

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If you are using check payment, the bottle neck maybe in the postal time as well as bank transaction time. Maybe you can ask support more specifically if they had already received the check.

If you are using cash payment, then good luck!

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Does DreamHost support Western Union Money Transfer? It would be best alternative to money order. Because its a instant money transfer process. But maybe it needs to go to the bank to recieve money(as is in my country).

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I agree that it would be nice to at least get a reply like “No, your money order has not arrived yet.” Being left hanging is always frustrating.

Good luck and hope you can get started soon! Don’t hesitate to post questions here. As you know, we’re happy to help out if we can.

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I sent in a MO about a week ago. I came to the forums to see if it is common for it to take so long…I guess it is.