This is one real cool site

You are transparent and evil. I’d vote you off the island if I had the option.

Please prove me wrong. Please.

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The designer obviously put a lot of work in to that one line of html.

Basically its a download link for a zip file, What nasty little presents would be in that I wonder.

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The simple, functional design is like yahoo in the good old days.

The zip file contains one “.hta” web page with a bunch of javascript. I can’t make heads or tails of it. I think it’s free, so I posted a copy in the wiki, at It won’t be long before the admins delete it. :wink:

Agreed that Hazel is totally sketchy and should be ignored, especially considering there never seems to be any explanatory followups to the spam. Running an HTA file in Internet Explorer is akin to installing an app as trusted on your machine.

From this article

So maybe it’s a whole review web site in one page. Cool.

What’s Internet Explorer? :wink: