This is good support?

Hi, I am new here, I have a problem (using the promo code - I made another thread) and I have submited a question to support . That was 19 h ago. And this is a billing question,this goes to Billing Department (I think that the money is a priority everywhere isn’t it?). So what happens if the support guy don’t understand what I need, so I need to do a reply, this means I’ll have to wait another day or so before the answer.

What if I have a problem with my hosting account (something not working) - it can take up to a few days before you can get something working isn’t it?

What I want to know: is this something special? they are having some problems right now, or this is the kind of support and assistence everybody gets…

Don’t get me wrong, I heard only good stuff about DreamHost and maybe the hosting service is really great (I really hope that as I choosed them already) but this kind of support - response time is not very professional I guess …

Dreamhost is having some growing pains, but their service overall is great, much better than other hosts I’ve tried.

Honestly, if you want your account up and working…just make a payment. It does appear there is a problem with promo codes, but I’m also sure they will sort it out and you will get your money back (97 day guarantee, remember?).

I think once your account is up and running, you will be pleased. They’ve spent a lot of time trying to make sure you don’t have to contact support in the first place…everything is pretty easy to use.

Good luck!

If you haven’t purchased anything yet and have questions you might get better response from their sales support, since they are motivated to help you. Or else post the question here and we’ll try - most of us are customers.

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I have ordered something, this my problem, I could not use the promo code… It happend exactly as I was thinking, the first reply (after 26 hours or so) not helped me, so I replied back with very detailed information , now I amwaiting for the answers for about 2 days and 5 hour. Yes that’s over 2 DAYS… in total, this question is up since almost 4 days ago and no solution provided yet. And yes, it is a billing question with one order already placed… I am very disappointed… but I am still waiting… and not jumping to conclusions anyway :slight_smile:

Well, I was waiting a lot , but the problem was solve. This is true, I guess the problem was not so vital but there was a lot of stress waiting. I understand that this is a temporary problem as usually answers come in just a few hours. And also I learned that critical problems (server down and such) are solved in another manner and faster. Thanx for your messages!