This is getting really bad guys


I am having so much trouble getting to my website I can’t hardly stand it. For the first time I am considering switching web hosts. I have several computers and several browsers on each and NONE can get to my website this morning. It loads and loads and loads until it quits. I’ve sent in tickets on this and they say the load time is great. But I don’t know when they read the notes to check because by the time they do, it’s great for me too. This morning it’s not so great. And I’m annoyed about it. I’ve made NO changes to my message board or my website and for some reason it is NOT coming up. This sucks.


Without a URL, there’s not much we as customers can do to help.



Have you noticed a pattern with the times you see problems?

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Generally during the daytime. 8am 11am


Jump into shell when you notice the trouble and note the time and server load (and maybe even type who). Intermittent problems are the hardest to track down - and are never there when you “want” them to be there - but if you can send in some stats and times then Support might be able to take a gander at the server logs and make some comparisons.

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How To Install PHP.INI / ionCube on DreamHost


I sent in a ticket recently about the slow times my website loads and they checked and found the load times to be normal. Closed ticket. End of story.

For me I’m slowing down and getting errors in FF and IE. Reload a few times and get the pages to load. Yesterday I’m dead for hours. HOURS. I can’t get in to work. I logged in to drop yet another ticket and find out we have equipment trouble. I didn’t bother with the ticket because it would be pointless and I would say what I was thinking at the time. Not good. So I abandoned it.
How it the trouble always affect where my site is? Whatever the answer to that question is, it effects me. Its getting predictably unreliable around here. Not a good look for Dreamhost.


BTW, thanks for the shell tip.


It’s doing it again got dammit. What is with this freakin’ host?? won’t come up AGAIN!!! Christ knows this is burning me up!


I’m getting the Site Down For Maintenance screen. Did you do that? How’s the load?