This Forum

Is anyone else having problems using this forum? Over the last 24 hours simply logging in has been a challenge.

It will log me in correctly (it identifies me by name) but the ‘Post’ button is disabled. I sign out and sign back in and thesame thing happens. I’m currently signed in using Firefox. But IE is still unable to get me signed in AND allow me to post.

I signed out and requested a PW be emailed. I got one from the system, but to it doesn’t work. Now I’m not sure this post, which I’m writing in Firefox, having manged to get it to let me in, will get posted because, at least theoretically, I’m no longer REALLY signed in, as since I opened this page/form in FF I signed out and had my PW changed via IE

Well, let’s see what happens when I try to post this.

It’s been working flawlessly for me…

you haven’t installed norton internet privacy or the like? Those sorts of tools do all sorts of screwy things to some sites…

Been using this forum for years and never had problems. Maybe it’s your browser’s cache that’s messing things up? Common problem in IE and IE based browsers. Even in earlier versions of Opera.