This forum crashes Opera on reload?

Maybe it’s just me, but I can almost always get Opera to crash by reloading the main index of this forum (Win XP/Opera 7.02). Sometimes it won’t, and just browsing the forum doesn’t seem to do it, but I can almost always get it to within a few reloads.

I also noticed that if I have the DH control panel open in one tab, and the forum in the other, it does it way more often.

I’ve cleared all cache, etc… and even tried re-installing Opera, but it doesn’t change.

Another thing: When that happens, it seems to forget preferences and pops up the screen that asks what windows I’d like to open – even though I always check the “don’t ask me again” option.

I can’t get IE6, NS7, or NS4.08 to do the same thing.

Does anyone know of another forum that uses the same software as this one? I’d like to try a few others to see if they all do it.

Otherwise, Opera seems pretty nice. Anyone else have this problem?

I tried this in Opera 6.01 (running the Linux version, under FreeBSD’s Linux emulation); no problems. I don’t use Opera so don’t know if I’ll bother installing the newer version just to try to crash it though. :>