This company sucks! They have the worst service!

Speed is okay, but their customer service is a joke, 6+ Emails and no reply in 6 days from them.


Dreamhost es el mejor hosting que he tenido en mucho tiempo, el soporte que me han dado es maravilloso, me han solucionado muchos problemas por el mismo chat, aunque entiendo que si es por correo electrĂłnico se tarden mas tiempo. Espero que puedas cambiar de opinion y puedas darle una segunda oportunidad.

pd. Estoy en este momento molesto con ellos porque de un momento a otro mis sitios de dreamhost que tienen wordpress tardan mas de 40 segundos en cargar pero… nadie es perfecto! pero son buenos chicos!

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agree. they have stopped supporting a lot of things and are on the verge of going broke apparently
you should move whilke you still can

I don’t know what issues others are having, but my experience has always been great.

Been here almost 10 years. Support generally answers same day. Never any downtime. That’s important IMO.

Shared hosting doesn’t get much priority with system upgrades, but from a business consideration, that probably makes sense.

I fully agree I marked do not renew , and somehow they still auto renewed them and increased the price from .99 to 49.99 for 5 domains i have never used and will not provide any assistance