"This account is currently pending"

On Friday, I sent a ticket (#6459606) about this, and got a response. After faxing in the form on Saturday, however, my account has still not been manually approved, nor have I gotten a response to my second message in the 43 hours since it was sent, asking if there was any way I could get a confirmation that it was received, or if it was high enough quality.

The department that does approvals does not work during the weekend. I don’t know where you are, but Monday is a holiday in the United States, meaning that this office may not be open today either.

Ah, I wasn’t aware that that department doesn’t work during the weekend.

As the first response to the ticket I submitted came on a Saturday, I had assumed that they likely worked seven days a week as well.

“Approvals” started working on Saturday’s earlier this summer, but it doesn’t look like they have 3-day holiday weekends figured out yet.