This account is currently pending

My card was charged immediately, but my domain is still not registered. I’ve waited 24 hours and still no update.

You won’t hear from anyone until Monday.

See this thread, so that I don’t have to repeat the details again:

basically you are waiting on a dreamhost dept that works only during business house mon-fri west coast USA time.

Well that kinda sucks. Is it possible that the domain I am registering can be registered by someone else over the weekend or is it secure?

They shouldn’t advertise 24/7 support if they don’t work on the weekend.

They do have 24.7 support, they don’t have 24.7 manual approvals of accounts. To be fair, at least one piece of the information you entered raised a flag that caused your account to be flagged for manual approval. The problem is they tell you that it will be resolved within 24 hours, what they don’t tell you is that weekends and holidays don’t count in the 24 hours. I think it’s very poorly worded for 2014.

Do you think they have secured the domain, or should I just register it somewhere else? When I look it up elsewhere it says it’s still available.

It’s highly unlikely anyone else will register the domain name in the next 30 hours. I think signing up etc should be automatic.
DreamHost should also highlight the fact that account approvals only take place M-F 9-5 on GMT-8