"This account is currently pending"

I signed up 4 and a half hours ago, and got this message. I immediately sent an email and made a support request about the issue. No response as yet.

I realise that other people have had this problem and posted here, but can I suggest that dreamhost

  1. provide some more information about what users can expect when they get this message and what the reason for it is, on the page itself. eg timescale - do registrations have to wait until the morning/afternoon US western time?
  2. Delete the ‘Please have us call you now for immediate approval!’ which, as far as I can tell (and going by other people who’ve written here) doesn’t do anything at all.

This plus the information posted about emails going down, on the first afternoon I have tried using dreamhost, makes me a little bit concerned, but I hope it’s just been some early bad luck that will be corrected soon.