This account is currently pending approval

I joined to dreamhost 14 January date.
But still my account is pending…

I can login to Panel. (
There is one text message to Left menu

This account is currently pending approval.
If you’ve already completed the sign-up process please wait one business day… thanks!

when will my account is active ? and when will my account is begin to use ?

am I doing wrong ?
I don’t see hosting configuration in the panel.

Note : I have don’t know speak English. Excuse Spelling faulty for.


You’re doing great. But we’re just customers like you.

You can submit a support request through the control panel asking for the status of your registration. It certainly has been enough time that you can ask about it.

It will take some time (a day or maybe two) for support to get back to you.

Be patient, but not too patient!

Good Luck!


You did not do anything wrong. It is just because that DH needs some time to approve new accounts. It seems they are careful with credit card fraud. That’s why DH prefers Google Checkout.

However, if you feel you have waited too long, don’t hesitate to send them a ticket via DH panel --> Support --> Contact Support. If you feel you have waited tooooooooo long to get a reply, set the type of ticket as OMG EXTREMELY CRITICAL EMERGENCY

we are all customers. we know how it feels to wait for it to be approved AFTER payment. :frowning:

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