Third Party Software


Is it possible to install third party software that is not included on the one-click install page? If so which are supported?


Yes, of-course. This is actually my preferred way of installing things. It is a little harder installing things manually, but I find I learn a lot more doing things this way.

You can get most packages installed and working on DreamHost, but in a few rare cases you will have to make small modifications to scripts etc. to conform to the DreamHost way of doing things.

It is probably easier if you specify the third party software you are interested in installing. I am sure someone on the forum will have already installed the package and will be able to help you out.


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I beleive most software has instructions on how to install. Best thing to do is compare the specs, of DH vs. the software. Such as windows or unix, windows server or apache, type of database, programming language (perl,php,asp,coldfusion, etc.)
Dreahost uses unix with an apache server and has perl, php, plus a few other languages. This information should be available on the DH Wiki with the version numbers.


There’s an entire subforum dedicated to the topic :slight_smile:

Like others, I try lots of stuff. I quite admire the one-click stuff too, even if I don’t tend to use it. One-click updgrading is even better!