Third-party access to logfiles

Hello! I’m hosting a site for a third party, and they’ve asked me for access (FTP) to their raw logfiles. I also have sites on this account that I don’t want to give them access to. What’s the best way to allow them to download their logs without giving them full FTP access?



Could you use a link “ln” to the log files in thier directory? If they roll that might be a bit of a problem but you could give them access to the files via the link.

do a “man ln” at the command line for more info.


That’s one option. Alternatively, you can map the logs directory to a http directory in their web directory structure, then password protect it via .htaccess. It’s not FTP access, granted, but it works. Or, you can asign that website to its own FTP user–the forum’s littered with threads on how to do that.

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Both previously mentioned ideas have merit; just to provide another option, you could simply set up a cron job to copy the appropriate log files from their home above the website directory into a location within their web accessible directory tree - and protect via .htaccess or manage as you see fit.


Thank you all for your replies!