Thinking of Switching to DreamHost

Hello. I am thinking of switching my web host to DreamHost. Can anyone here answer some questions for me?

Is that right that I can get 500GB storage and 1TB bandwidth?

Is that forever?

Will I have a mail server?

Can I get a dedicated IP address?

My site is a Wordpress Blog. Will it be easy to transfer?

How is the support?

That is all for now. Thanks in advance if you can answer those questions for me!

The bandwidth and storage are for the lifetime of your plan, so in effect forever or until something else comes along.

There is a mail server you can now have unlimited email addresses with pop, imap or webmail access.

A dedicated IP is available for a charge though you can use a promo code to get one for free.

Wordpress is pretty popular and fairly easy to transfer. Its easy to find instructions.

As to support not had a problem myself

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“Is that forever?”

Yes and No. 500GB is forever, but increases 2GB a week.

It’s 5 TB, per month, increases 40GB weekly.

[quote]Is that right that I can get 500GB storage and 1TB bandwidth?

Is that forever?[/quote]
There aren’t any “tricks” involved in this offer except for self-admitted fact that all hosts that offer outrageous amounts of storage and bandwidth are overselling. Here’s what Josh has to say about overselling..

This is $3.95 a month unless you get a free one from a promo code.

Are you transferring from another host or from How many plugins do you have? It won’t be hard, but it will be much easier if you’re familiar with setting up wordpress, copying files over, and backing up and restoring databases. If these kinds of tasks sound daunting there are other easier methods that require you to export and import articles but which also means more time reinstalling plugins, etc.

I think support is remarkably good considering how little I pay for it. Read the forums here and you’ll get a good feeling for the worst case scenarios - the people who’ve had the worst experiences invariable post about it here. :slight_smile:

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Yup, and it will grows every week by 2GB for disk space and 5 TB for bandwidth.


You will have to pay additional fee for that. It is $3.95 / month.

I don’t quite understand about Wordpress. But should be easy as all Wordpress requirements is provided by DH.

In my experience, they are quite supportive and get things resolved pretty well.

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as long as your website(s) are not of the eCommerce variety and you are not designing sites for clients, DH should suffice - If you are concerened about uptime (especially e-mail), you may want to look elsewhere - sometimes deals that sound too good to be true, are too good to be true.

IAmAtMyWitsEnd aka promoCodeSLAYER

Yes, that’s right. Note that this is intended for web storage, not personal offsite backups.

When it comes to big companies like DreamHost there’s always some people that get bad experiences. I can only speak for myself but I’ve always got fast response from the support and they have always managed to sort it out for me.
My latest support experience

hey, thanks for the responses everyone. the storage you get for the price seems great. and from what I gather, the service/up time/support is fine.

I guess that leaves one last question…is this price good for ever or will the price jack up at the end of the term?

oops, and one more…how many codes can I use at once? hahaha

thanks again everyone!

Someone mentioned that they used to have a written policy of always allowing you to renew your old plan at your old rates forever. We haven’t found this verbiage anywhere on the new site but they’ve always allowed renewals at the same price as far as we know.

Remember that the promo code is only good once. The rates are as they appear on the signup page:
monthly: $10.95 a month
annually: $119.40
2 years: $214.80
3 years: $286.20

Ha! Just make sure to use the one that gives you the best long-term value. I’m kicking myself because I didn’t use one with extra domain registrations and a unique IP, but that’s just based on what I need. Everyone’s situation is different.

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OK. thanks everyone. I think I am going to have to switch. I really need the storage space and my current plan allows me no where near the amount here.