Thinking of DH? Think again


Check out the string of comments on the DH Status Board if you want to get a taste of what being a DH customer is like:


Here’s another taste. I was not billed. Those who were billed got the charge reversed.

Support gets back to me in less than 24 hours.

I’ve only had one serious downtime issue in the past 2 years.

I get nearly unlimited everything here. Plus shell access!

I’m glad to be here. Ok, I’m a fanboy, but those who haven’t suffered any major issues usually are, which covers most customers here.



Trolling like that is extremely unhelpful. It was clearly a genuine mistake, and 99.99% of the time everything is perfectly fine being a DreamHost customer.

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I think the status discussion is only indicative of one’s future experiences as a web hosting client if you think you’ll be spending a lot of time being billed by mistake and then having that error corrected.

Me, I think I’m going to spend the bulk of my time working on my web sites, developing good content, and answering questions on this board.

The billing error was massive. It was a big mistake and a lot of people seem to have experienced a lot of inconvenience because of it. I feel for those people, but I do feel more confident in Dreamhost making things right than with any other web host in the marketplace. This problem was just so widespread that I’m not sure whether Dreamhost’s appetite for “doing the right thing by its customers” will be sated by their budget for such things. I am sure that Josh will want to do more for his customers than his lawyers want him to.

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At the risk of being a fanboy as well, I agree with Scott. I saw the erroneous billing e-mail yesterday, and thought “wow, I thought I had another year…” But, subtracting November 2006 from January 2008 gave me two years and I didn’t even think about it (so much for my simple math skills).

The cool thing about Dreamhost is that they spot these problems before I do, and usually have them resolved before I even notice. Then they tell you about the problem, the fix, and all relevant details. I compare and contrast that with my last host who charged a whole lot more, and routinely let my domains expire even after they’d been pre-paid and then would deny any culpability after endless e-mails and requests - and literally days offline with their advertisements greeting my domain visitors.

Love ya dreamhost, and all of the goodwill you develop through the year with up front and publicly pro-active maintenance and responsive tech support make up for the occasional hiccup (and major blunders so far).

My sympathies for folks who had a debit card hit that messed up bank balances. I’ve been there in the past. Now, I always use credit cards online - they offer lots of protection against problems with online billing.



"99.99% of the time everything is perfectly fine being a DreamHost customer."
Actually, my tracked uptime was 99.64% in 2007. No complaints. Even with the billing issue, I plan to hang around. But when you guys pass out the cheerleading uniforms, count me out, okay? :slight_smile:


Um, yeah, I want to see all the fanboys in cheerleading outfits!!!

I am a fangirl, so i wouldn’t look to funny in one!!!


I’m not running a big site here. But I’m still happy with DH. Having almost everything unlimited with such a price will make me stay here forever.

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Minus a few snags I’m very, very happy with Dreamhost. I’ve been on of the lucky ones I supoose, well that and I don’t let anyone autobill me. They do a great job of owning up to issues when we have them, and support has always been responsive. | |


I was not charged but have been impressed that they refunded everything (or are in the process of doing this), they have offered to cover any charges incurred and are also allowing people to cancel contracts early.

Mistakes happen, this was a simple one but a big one but as far as I can see they are taking responsibility.

Just renewed my account for another year (my choice not a mistake for me).

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