Thinking about purchasing a DH hosting program

Hiho there ^^
I’m thinking about purchasing a DH 2 year hosting program but I’m not as convinced as I would like to be.
First of all, DH brandwidth is massive! I’d never seen 2 TB displayed on a hosting program web site as in here… maximum 50 or even 999 GB but not 2 TB

I still concern about the up-time of the hosting, the support, spam, lagg, control panel (is fantastico installed?), and so on. You know those things that concern every one haha.

I want to know what do the DH customers think about this hosting.

Thanks in advance :wink:

PS: When is the 7.something bucks/month 2-year hosting going to end?

Business or “grins”? Just cruise the forums and you’ll see the bad. There are a large number of very happy customers out there too (360k domains can’t be all wrong)


Yup, but what do you think?
Is it good? is it so so? or really bad?

I’d a look at the plan features and Fantastico is not installed theres something kind of the same the one-click installer @_@ ok… the name says allot but… are only WordPress, phpBB, Advanced Poll, ZenCart, MediaWiki, Joomla, Gallery, WebCalendar available? isnt there any php-nuke? :frowning: (anyway, I can download the latest version and upload it, but it would be much better to just click on a link and tada! finish… php-nuke installed )

I’m going 2 purchase it just for a personal website ^^ (anime website just like: ps: its a spanish website

I hope more DH customers post their comments about the hosting :wink:

I think DreamHost is counting on the fact that the vast majority of their customers will never come close to using the allocated bandwidth and I doubt many do, I know I don’t :slight_smile:

As you have already determined, Fantastico is not available. DreamHost use their own custom written control panel and have some packages available as ‘one-click installs’ via the panel. However, you are free to manually install just about anything your heart desires.

The $7.95/month for the Level 1 plan (when paid 2 years in advance) has been the going price for a while now, I can’t see it changing too much in the near future.


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Ohh cool ^^

And using this post… I saw in some posts that they have somethign of saving $97 with the next promo code:

Is it true? Can I use this code when I register to save this ammount? o_o

Yep, its true. :slight_smile:

DreamHost pays customers a $97 reward for each new customer they bring to DreamHost, they also give existing customers the ability to create their own promo-codes to ‘share’ that reward payment with the new customer in the form of a discount. You will find many such promo-codes sprinkled throughout the forum. :slight_smile:


Save [color=#CC0000]$50[/color] on DreamHost hosting using promo code [color=#CC0000]SAVEMONEY[/color] ( Click for promo code details )

Yeah I know that DH pays you 4 each refferal but can I use 97MONEY to save the money in my registration?

Yes (I thought I already answered this :slight_smile:


Save [color=#CC0000]$50[/color] on DreamHost hosting using promo code [color=#CC0000]SAVEMONEY[/color] ( Click for promo code details )

You can use ANY promo to get a discount. the discount you get depends on the person who created the promo. if you were referred to dreamhost by someone, you should really use their promocode, or get them to create one for you if they didn’t already give you one.

the promocode only gives you a discount for your first purchase, when it comes time to renew you will have to pay the full plan price if you want to stay.

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Awesome ^^ almost half-price :smiley:

I think 2 buy it tomorrow or the day after tomorrow :stuck_out_tongue:
Hopefully this hosting will be as good as I think ^^

Don’t plan on getting the $97 per referrals you make while also giving away $97 discounts; you don’t get both.

Please let me know if DreamHost’s special anniversary $99.99 discount in my sig’ expires.

Long term customer with a few complaints and doubts, but still here, BTW. All possible questions are answered here:

They need more support help.
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I don’t think you will be disappointed. DreamHost is not perfect for everyone, but for the money their packages are hard to beat. Also, if you are paying by credit-card, you can try them for up to 97 days and obtain a full refund (minus $9.95 for the initial domain registration) if you are not happy with the service.

Good luck.


Save [color=#CC0000]$50[/color] on DreamHost hosting using promo code [color=#CC0000]SAVEMONEY[/color] ( Click for promo code details )

Here goes my honest opinion:

What I like:

  • it’s easy to create several sites under the same ftp user. It would take much more time to create them in cpanel
  • unlimited sites for such a low price
  • the first year is almost free if you use a promo code
  • good affiliate program

What I dislike:

  • some of my scripts doesn’t work because Dreamhost doesn’t allow fopen, and I can’t reprogram all the scripts I buy to use cURL instead
  • static sites are ok, but sql ones are a bit slower than most of my other webhosters (I use 5)
  • some big downtime problems in the past, but now it seems everything is ok

Overall, my opinion is good, and that is why I prepay annually. I’ve been burned in the past, but I trust DreamHost :slight_smile:

P.S. Aion from Chrno :stuck_out_tongue: ? I really like that serie.

Dreamhost $97 promo code

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I’ve been pretty happy with DH’s service so far. I’m fairly new (3 weeks), but have had no problems.

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