Thinking about going with dreamhost


I am starting a new website and am interested in setting up a 2 years account with dreamhost. If i register the domain with dreamhost, and 2 years later when my account is about the expire, do i have the choice of keeping the domain name myself and host it elsewhere?


Sure! I suspect, however, that once you are here for 2 years, you’ll stay for a lot longer. :slight_smile:


Yes, you do. You will just need to point the namesavers to wherever you choose to go. If you are using the free domain with Dreamhost hosting, and you host elsewhere, you will need to pay for the domain name each year. I am not sure what Dreamhost charges for yearly registration.

that’s good to hear. thanks guys!

Oh, is there anyway i can extend an existing account using the 9999 deal?

Promo codes are for brand new customers only. The panel will not allow you add a domain that has ever been in our system to a promo code or referral account. Promo codes are intended to take away any risk in trying out our service. The system is not sustainable if people abuse it.

I see no reason you couldn’t, in honor of President Ford, make level 1 prices somewhere in the range of $19.74 to $19.77 per year, forever!

They need more support help.
Cut the code, [color=#CC0000]it’s their birthday:[/color] [color=#00CC00]9999 => $99.99 Off[/color]

Sounds like a great idea. Thanks for the private message offering to cover the costs from your bank account too! People will really appreciate it!

De nada :>

They need more support help.
Cut the code, [color=#CC0000]it’s their birthday:[/color] [color=#00CC00]9999 => $99.99 Off[/color]

Reminder: if you stay with DH, your server space and bandwidth keep increasing by 16GB/week. If you signed up a new plan, you’ll lose all the benefits.

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some forget that dreamhost is not a charity, its a business. it wouldnt be good for any of us if dreamhost offered plans that were not sustainable in the long term.

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What if you add another plan to it, will the first plan be affected?
P.S. sorry for going off topic.

With the limits as high as they are and the licence saying “I will have only one hosting account” I don’t see how this question makes any sense. The only time merging accounts makes any sense is when you happen to pick up your friends hosting account.

Maybe one of the guys that has been here longer can enlighten us.