Thinking about coming back to a VPS

At the moment I am with another company and am paying £61.20 a month for a cloud server. Personally, I think I’m paying far too much for what I actually need. I just looked at my bandwidth for June and it says I used around 33 GB. I know it states “unlimited bandwidth” under the VPS but we all know that’s not the case, there’s always a limit when it comes to bandwidth. So I was wondering what you guys think, would a VPS seat me? I’m not sure whether I should go for $30 or the $60.

DreamHost offers unlimited bandwidth on all hosting plans. Since you choose your RAM/DISK limits on a VPS, you are limited to the specific amount of resources on the plan you choose. However, you can upgrade your resources at anytime in the VPS dashboard as well as manage your memory usage:

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