Things driving me crazy


i have a website,which doesnt respond (says Connection… all the time). server (coke) is up and running. also, i have which resides on the same server and is mapped to the same dir. and it WORKS.

how can that be?


We cannot help you unless you give us your domain name (so that we can check ourselves).

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now after 20 minutes of no response it suddenly starts to work. and the same thing almost every day. before the ticket reaches the support it’s back already! argh :frowning:

A traceroute seems normal, but it just hangs forever in my browser.

The domain & sub are on different IPs.

test: loads and shows the bad_http_conf error–which seems to be normal when accessing a shared IP at DH by the IP. hangs the same way your domain does.

Maybe there’s some sort of problem with that IP? Did you get a unique IP for your domain? If not, I’d guess that other might be having the same problem if they’re on that IP.

In any case, that will probably be a job for support, so I’d submit a ticket explaining everything you said here.

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Must have been a problem with that IP that’s been worked out because no longer hangs and returns the same page as the test version.

If your server was one of the ones being relocated, maybe it was related to that.

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thanks alot! i just didn’t think about that! :slight_smile:

my site is @ and it’s down again. anyone else on that ip ?? it’s happening 3-4 times a day for 1-2 hours. sites that on other ips but same host are ok.


coke rebooted, seems fine now