Hello. I am a pretty experienced web developer but have just started getting into AJAX. [lagger]

I’m using a small javascript library that I’m sure some have heard of called thickbox. It has a jquery.js, thickbox.js, and the thickbox.css. It’s purpose is to just pop up an image when something is clicked on and fade out the rest of the page without switching to a new page to load.

It works perfectly on my local machine and on IIS 6 but when I upload it to the space on the servers, the javascripts do not work correctly. They seem to not work at all.

Here is some of the code:

Thickbox Demo

Has anyone had some experience with this?

I don’t know if this is related to your problem, but I noticed you have a “thickBox.js” and a “thickbox.css” in your script. Bear in mind that UNIX systems are case-sensitive.

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One of my friend had the same problem. When I checked the source - I noticed “<” and “>” in script tag have been replaced by “<” and “>” Somehow…

thickBox.js - the original file downloaded from
Change it to a lower case.

Other than that - there is no place for errors…
Just 3 declaration lines a couple addidional properties in the img tag…

My example of Image gallery using thickbox is at

I have another problem. I am using html tags inside ot “title” property, and the thickbox height is wrong…
Any ideas?