They didn't check my credit card

I got a contraction of 2yrs, but it has not asked my credit card numbers. And they gave me an account by email without checking credit card. How do they take the fees???

Don’t worry. They will definitely ask you for money. :slight_smile:

Which payment option did you choose when you sign up the account?

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Thanks for the kind answer. But I’m curious when they will.:slight_smile:
And I tried to log into the web panel. I put the given password but it doesn’t work on firefox and IE web browser. Should I ask a new password??

Oh I got 2 years domain hosting.[214.80$]

I had the exact same thing happen to me.

Now I succeeded to pay for the domain and registered.
But should I have to pay for getting the FTP program which the DreamHost recommends separately???

These 2 sites support only trial versions for free.

Well, I use WinSCP, an open source SFTP and FTP client.

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How’s the uploading speed? It took about 3hrs to upload my video(320MBs) on Smart FTP.

Maybe your uplink bandwidth is the problem. Cause when I try to download something through DH server it is very fast.

And I think it has nothing to do with your ftp client.

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Uplink usually has less to do with your client than your uplink bandwidth. It all depends on what the bottleneck is.

Lin, what’s your uplink bandwidth, what’s your latency to the dreamhost servers, and how many hops do you have to your server?

I’ll test something out at work because my uplink from home is only 5 mbs or 625 KB/s and that’s only the theoretical. I don’t think I’ve ever come close because it’s just DOCSIS 2.0 cable and you know the problems with that. I’ll test it out from work but I hear that our uplink at work is limited both intentionally and unintentionally by our proxy and firewall. I’m also hampered by my 85 ms latency to the west coast, where the dreamhost servers are.

BTW, I have heard that there is a big difference in performance between certain ftp clients on the Mac. I know it sounds crazy, but there it is.

BTW, WinSCP is free so you can try it out for yourself. I will only be able to give you SFTP bandwidth results because I refuse to use FTP for security reasons.

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Where can I check my uplink bandwidth?
Actually I’m a nearly computer beginner.
As I know,my internet line is shared line
but can download unlimitedly in Ireland.
There’s no broadband product which is able to
download unlimitedly without shared line.
So if I pick the single line, then I can get only 30Gbs or 40Gbs
up and downloading bandwidth a month.
And mostly, it costs about 50 euros a month.
So if I want to pick the better and faster one,
then I have to pay more about 80~130 euros a month.
I just wanted to say that my internet service is the shared line, first.
So I think it could be slow while uploading or downloading files.
If I get the premium FTP servers or SFTP ones,
then would the uploading speed be faster?
I’m not good at computer so actually I didn’t understand your tips.
Normally, it takes about 4~5hrs to download 700Mbs files with 40~50Kcps.
And it takes about 3~4 hrs to upload 320Mbs files with 3 or 4 Kcps.
Hope it helps you to understand.
[I’m not an English speaker so please understand my bad English].
Thanks a lot.:slight_smile:

I usually use the speed tests on You can find lots of US ones and also ones outside the U.S.

Typically, you can find your theoretical bandwidth by reading the marketing material for your ISP.

Using SFTP to dreamhost, I got 380 KB/sec (or about 3 mbit) up. Using FTP to a nearby ftp test site, I got 3.8 MB/sec (or about 30 mbit). This is through our corporate firewall and our connection is 100 mbit symmetric. In both cases I used WinSCP as my client.

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Wow, what connection do you use ? Ah… wish to live in US :stuck_out_tongue:

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