Thesis Theme Post Image Option Not Working


Hi, I use Thesis Theme for Wordpress on a couple of my sites and I want to use the automatic image posting option. Problem is this does not seem to work the way Dreamhost servers are configured.

The Thesis troubleshooting team say:

[color=#0000CD]If allow_url_fopen is ON, then allow_url_include has to be ON, too; because if fopen is ON, Thesis attempts to retrieve (“include”) the image via its HTTP URL.

If allow_url_fopen is OFF, then it doesn’t matter whether allow_url_include is ON or OFF, because Thesis attempts to retrieve the image via its server file path.

So, either your host needs to turn allow_url_include ON; or they need to turn allow_url_fopen OFF.

If they would rather not turn allow_url_include ON, and prefer to turn allow_url_fopen OFF, then once they do that, you need to go to Thesis Options and click the “Big Ass Save Button”, so that Thesis can update its information to show that it is now OFF.

Once it knows that it is OFF, it will stop trying to retrieve the image using the HTTP URL, and try to do so using the server file path instead.[/color]

There is also another possibility:
[color=#0000CD]Second - who is your webhost? It’s possible that the thumbnailing script is being blocked at the server level (not uncommon). For example, Hostgator customers need to contact their Support and ask them to:

add these rules [ 1234234,340151 ] to mod_security for my domain(s)[/color]

How do I go about doing all this so that the Thesis Theme automatically adds and crops images?

I run a VPS (virtual private server) and I have a good knowledge of ftp and html but am a bit of a novice on php.

Any help would be appreciated!