There isn't a built-in webcreator w/ DH is there?

newb here. Just got in on the amazing 1 yr $10 pkg with domain…I’m coming from 1 and 1…which I’ve had a FREE professional preview package for over a year now…it was I guess a bit more beginner friendly including hundreds of preset templates for website layouts, as well as a fairly accomodating webcreator available.

Maybe it’s just hidden? but I doubt it…does DreamHost have a webcreator available?


Welcome, bubble.tea.
No, DreamHost does not offer a webcreator.
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Templates and pre-built suites are usually the case for “free” webhosts as they offer very little control over design and are buggy.

Dreamhost is a real webhost–it gives you complete shell access so that you can do php, perl, and a million other things. Most real hosts do that. Most don’t come with prebuilt junk. But in giving you true freedom of web design, yeah–it expects you to well, know web design basics–HTML at a minimum.

I suggest you go to for a nice tutorial on web design, html, etc.
Go browse the Knowledge Base of Dreamhost too. Lots of info there as well.


I’m actually a user on 1and1 as well, they’re not “free” per se… 1and1 is actually a rather large host (british, i think) that wanted to do more end-user in adverse to enterprise hosting, and what they did was they put a single ad in the NYT about 3 years free of their professional package for people that signed up within about 4 months, which I still have, and they aren’t a bast host, they are quite professional.

My problem with them is because they’re so big, they’re not tailored to small users. Furthermore, they only allow one database, and only the base functions. Now that dreamhost has installed rubyonrails for everyone, I’m going to move my main site over here, and just use my 1and1 account for random hosting and testing, till the three years run up.


Dream host is a TRU Webserver for its clients, I was amazed on what they give. All the stuff, all the freedom. A shared hosting doesn’t feel like shared hosting to me, it feels like I own the server. The only downside is the bandwidth and CPU load I think, Since I am in east side , east-west routing not that great so The website seems slow some days but i think its handling great now.
I personally think dreamhost should limit some freedom :slight_smile: