There is same problem everyday about database

I always see this problem in my site…

Your PHP installation appears to be missing the MySQL extension which is required by WordPress.

What is this? Will I always see this problem?

Given that we always install PHP with MySQL turned on, that’s a problem… The site you have linked off your control panel here works fine, though, so is this site hosted with DreamHost? Did you, perchance, roll your own version of PHP?

Yeah It is hosted in dreamhost. And version of php is PHP 5.3.x FastCGI. And Wordpress version is latest version.

I am using last version of Wordpress, who updated it. My theme is HTML5 theme that is Yoko theme.

I can`t understand it. What is the problem? Everything is correct.

Given that it sure sounds like you didn’t make your own version of PHP, you’ll need to open a support ticket so someone can look into your server and see what’s going on there.