Theme won't display (most of the time)

Our website recently began displaying wrong (no theme) about half the time after we were moved to a new Dreamhost SSD server.

At first this happened about half the time, now it’s almost all the time. But occasionally it will still display correctly. I’m using a child theme by the way.

See a screenshot here:

I did nothing to cause this, as far as I know. I’ve deactivated all plugins, but that hasn’t helped. Clearing the cache, flushing DNS, re-activating our caching plugin in case it’s a memory issue. None of these suggestions from Dreamhost has helped.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! I’m in way over my head here and don’t know what to try next.


Your child theme doesn’t contain an @import statement. Without that, it’s not pulling any styles from the parent theme.

Thank you for taking the time to look. I discovered that today after I found out the culprit of the original problem: Dreamhost turning on Page Speed Optimization.
Here’s a quote from someone on the forums where I also asked for help:
“I’m going to assume that you are on Dreamhost, because when I do a view source on your site, I can see the tell-tale pagespeed files littering your source code. What happened was that Dreamhost decided to turn on Page Speed Optimization for all of its WordPress installs. Unfortunately, this seems to cause CSS files not to properly display. You want to go to your Manage Web Hosting page on Dreamhost and turn off Page Speed Optimization. You should see it take effect in a few minutes.”

He was right and here are two additional threads for reference if anyone else is experiencing this:

In my ignorant troubleshooting I somehow removed the @import statement which made the problem unfixable until I put it back.

Thanks for the follow-up. It’s still marked “Beta” in the panel, even though the wiki page was created over three years ago. Interesting. Something else to look out for in future.