Theme ripping problem

Hi I am using Weekly on with Theme Junkie Smartblog theme icons and subscribe box. But now blaim me that i theft his idea and using on For Smart blog icons and subscribe box he is also blaim that these icons created by me not from theme junkie.

He is asking me for DMCA notice. He is telling me change color and font from home page because he is using same font “Droid” from Google API. He is also forcing me to use slider then one col post on home page. Please tell me what i can do now. What can he send DMCA notice for theme i created. I have all source code of my theme with images also.

I hope you will shortly solve my problem.


These all appear to be derivatives works, that is somebody is using snippets or copies to come up with a theme, then claim it as their own.
Weekly came out before the theme, which came out before the Smartblog theme, and who knows when you made the theme for Techfeb, but the logo/header is clearly derivative of one site or the other, unless you both used the same Photoshop/theme making tutorial!

Not my field, but IMHO stop claiming you made the theme and give credit to the sources and also change the header to something else. However appears to be guilty of the same things he claims.

Having a similar theme is not a crime. The colors and layout of both of your sites are using are very common as blue and white two or three column themes are very popular. A few of my sites use similar shades and two column layout. Also if he doesn’t have exclusive rights to the ‘Droid’ font (which I doubt) anybody can use it. He cannot dictate to you about how you should theme your site. His message to you means nothing. Tell him that while your sites look similar they are not the same and unless he owns the copyrights to the ‘Droid’ font you will not stop using it as you have every right to use it as he does. Also that I have seen those types of subscribe boxes everywhere. Many people use them. You wouldn’t be the first person who took a theme and slightly altered it to your own purposes. I wouldn’t worry about his baseless accusations.

Thanks for my help. Now i get all things clear that he can’t do nothing :slight_smile: