Theme Breaking w/ Wordpress 2.7?

Hey Gang: I use the WP theme Librio with my personal site at, dreamhost one-click advanced mode WP 2.6.1 implemented last year but WP not upgraded. I attempted to implement Librio (1.0) theme yesterday with a new blog at , which is Wordpress version 2.7 courtesy Dreamhost oneclick install advanced mode. This time, images are not getting displayed correctly and the problem is uniform to Firefox on Vista, XP, IE on Vista, XP and Firefox and Safari on Mac.

I am not knowledgable enough with CSS to debug it, although I do inspect it and try to figure it out with Firebug. I have an email out to Dennis, who created Librio but so far have not heard anything. There are dozens of people downloading Librio every day and I do not see any WP 2.7 issues w/ Librio reported on the WordPress forums or blogs, so I do not get a sense that others are having problems.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.


Is it the pictures in your post, or in the sidebars? Comments on Librio show that the Apple image isn’t being displayed.

So, what’s the URL of your site so we can see how it implements?


Thank you Scott for taking a look.

The URL is

The images with problems are the header, the sidebar image, the footer, the bullet points. When I try to render the images directly in a browser, such as or
they have problems. So it makes me think it is a browser problem, not a WP issue. But I get the same problem on IE and Firefox.

Yes, the comments on the Librio forum refer to an apple image being removed. That is correct and a coincidence. The designer originally used an image reminiscent of the Apple Computer logo in the center of the header bar, and has since (last year) removed it. Incidentally, it still ships with the theme although not used, and can be found at

Thanks again Scott for looking and any ideas.

That is pretty strange, almost like some files and data got corrupted somewhere?

When I check out some of the images, I am getting weird alt text like this:

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Have you tried downloading a fresh copy of the template and re-installing? I’m no design guru but I can tell there’s something “not right” going on with the files here.

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This looks like it’s working now: the “author” image doesn’t give me an error, and in Safari’s Activity Log, I’m not getting any “not found” notices. Granted, the images look a little corrupted, but they’re there.

Or is something still broken?


I can confirm that the image file itself is corrupted. A quick file size check for example shows the correct size to be 8,274 bytes while the size at is 8,252.

I’ve duplicated the corruption by using SFTP to upload the GIF file as text/ASCII instead of binary. So it sounds like an FTP client uploaded it using the wrong transfer mode.

:cool: -//-

Wow. You guys rock! Awesome answer I would have never discovered on my own.

Indeed, I used FireFTP to upload the theme including images. When I forced BINARY for the transfer protocol, I am getting good images and no problems.

Thank you Scott, Independent, Atropos7 and apologies to any others I may have missed.

…shaking head.