Theft Protection

I originally registered my domain name with a friend’s company. She was trying to start a domain registration and web hosting business so I thought I’d give her a shot. My domain is registered through her, but it’s hosted by Dreamhost. I’m trying to move my domain away from her as she’s not a very good business to be in relationship with. On her customer page it shows that my domain is unlocked. However on it shows a status of “clientTransferProhibited”.

Whois told me that it’s because I have “Theft Protection” turned on. Now I don’t see anywhere on her site where I have theft protection. Could there be something on the Dreamhost side that’s locking my domain? Dreamhost is the website host but not the domain registrar. Could there still be something here that I’m missing?

As DreamHost is not (yet) the registrar nothing you do on this end can affect your domain. The issue is at your friend’s end (or, more likely, upstream from her in the case that she’s an on-seller). Likely there is a default theft protection switch that might not be apparent in the admin panel which has been provided to you. Your best bet is to submit a support ticket over there so that they can properly clear the domain for transfer.

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