The Wiki is Down?

A database error has occurred
Query: DELETE FROM wiki_objectcache WHERE exptime<'2006-08-02 15:21:00’
Function: MediaWikiBagOStuff:_doquery
Error: 1205 Lock wait timeout exceeded; try restarting transaction (


  • Database.php line 345 calls wfdebugdiebacktrace()
  • Database.php line 297 calls databasemysql::reportqueryerror()
  • ObjectCache.php line 379 calls databasemysql::query()
  • ObjectCache.php line 279 calls mediawikibagostuff::_doquery()
  • ObjectCache.php line 329 calls mediawikibagostuff::_query()
  • ObjectCache.php line 322 calls mediawikibagostuff::expireall()
  • ObjectCache.php line 225 calls mediawikibagostuff::garbagecollect()
  • MessageCache.php line 75 calls mediawikibagostuff::get()
  • MessageCache.php line 240 calls messagecache::load()
  • GlobalFunctions.php line 392 calls messagecache::get()
  • GlobalFunctions.php line 338 calls wfmsgreal()
  • Setup.php line 391 calls wfmsg()
  • index.php line 26 calls require_once()

Anybody else having Wiki troubles?

You have killed it. :slight_smile:

Another little problemet for DH.


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I sent them a note to let them know - couldn’t find anyone posted here about it at the time. Anyway, I got a pretty quick response.

"Thanks for the report! We are aware of this problem and working towards a resolution. I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you. If you have any additional questions, please let us know. "

So, for anyone else stumbling across this, no need to bug them, they are aware of the problem. Figured I’d pass that along.

It’s back up now :slight_smile:

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