The username you picked is already being used

I created a user and deleted it because I used the wrong email address. When I tried to re-create the user again I received this message:
"the username you picked is already being used in our system"
When I look under groups, this username is still listed under my group.

How can I get rid of this user and re-create it?

Drop a line to Support. It doesn’t surprise me that usernames can’t be reused, but hopefully they can help you out.


Thanks, but the support system seems to be down…

The problem is not that user names cannot be re-used, the problem is that users are not being deleted correctly. This is a bug in their user deletion system.

Hopefully they’ll fix the Support page soon.

Perhaps it takes time for that user to get completely cleared from the system.


I don’t think they flush the entire system every time a customer hits the delete button, whether it’s users, domains, etc…

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yeah, that’s been my experience. What up to 5 hours and then try to delete the user again. If you’re in need you can always use the form to contact support. Be sure to include enough information for them to locate your account as it won’t be automatically linked as it is when you normally submit a request. but that form will put your request into the same queue as other support requests.

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