The support 'hand-off'

is the initial reply from support, up to 24 hours after the support request that says something pointless.

e.g. customer " doesn’t work"
support 24hours later "are you using the right password?"
customer 30 seconds later “of course”

now wait another 24 hours and hope you don’t get a message along the lines of “are you logging in at the right webaddress i.e.”

It’s like support think ‘what’s the quickest reply i can do to get this person off my back and buy time’ instead of trying to fix the problem.

I agree that such a response is pretty much useless. Is there anything any of us here might could help you with?

While we are only “other customers”, many of us have been around here a while and might could shed some light on what you are encountering if we knew more than " doesn’t work".

When you say “doesn’t work”, do you mean you can’t connect with POP3 or IMAP, or you can’t receive mail, or you can’t send mail, or mail you are sending isn’t received, or you can’t log-on to webmail, or what?

Also, mailboxes sometime take “forever” to set up (well over a day) in spite of what the panel tells you when you set one up, even for domains that are already hosted. It sometimes takes even longer for “new” domains, as DNS also has to propagate.

At any rate, if you want to share more info, I (and I’m sure others here) will be glad to give you any help we can.



Are you sure you’re using the right password? :wink:

I try to be as specific as possible when opening a ticket, hoping to get things done in one shot. Instead of “doesn’t work,” maybe just take an extra minute to write something like:

My email at isn’t working. I made sure I have the right login & password, I know the caps-lock key wasn’t on. I also tried it with both webmail and the email client on my computer. Here is the error I’m getting: “blah blah blah.” I haven’t been able to send or receive email for ___ minutes.

Or something like that. By including as much as you can, even if it seems like you shouldn’t have to, you can avoid some of the basic responses. Plus, if you include everything he knows how to address, maybe he’ll pass it off to someone with more experience right off the bat.

I’ve never received a response that basic before, but I don’t know if it’s because I lucked out and got someone better, or if it’s just because I include as much info as I can with the initial ticket.

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I set up an address. Tried multiple times to log into it over a period of days - no luck through webmail or pop or any other means. It shows up on the cp that’s all!

In the meantime I set up another email addy on a different domain and it worked ok.

here’s my email to support doesn’t work

msg: can’t log into webmail, check via outlook etc etc.

I CAN log into with the same un/pw as is set up

why and when will it be fixed?

And the reply:


When logging in via webmail you should be suing the username mobile and
password removed

Is that what you are attemtping to use when logging in ?


Considering support KNOW my email login/pw would it have killed them to take another 30 seconds trying to log-in to confirm it wasn’t a login issue? I know that might double the time they’ve spent looking at my support ticket to a whole minute but the answer above is just a ‘hand-off’ and no real attempt to solve anything.

As it stands all I can do is confirm I used the correct login and wait another day.

Cheers for the offer of help btw but I was just venting my frustration.

I’m a member since November 1998 btw so ‘did you use the right password’ wears a bit thin.

Has mailbox setup always been so dismally poor? Or have I just joined DH at a ‘bad’ time ? :slight_smile:

lol bad time maybe - I was able to set up other email addresses easily and seemingly without problems - although reading some of the posts on here I’m not over confident about that!

Still you could do a lot worse than DH I suppose.
ho hum

Ha! Yep, that would “frost me” too. Has it been fixed yet?


not fixed yet but they have admitted that there is a problem with webmail log-ins.

It’s not the end of the world but it’s not made any better by trying to buy time with “hand-off” replies a la ‘are you using the right password’!

oh well it’s the weekend - woo hoo!

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