The support fail


The support system which has no more emails … this bad, we can not follow the conversation is too much work having to choose all options of care every time. It is so dedicated in the plan … will be like in the lower planes. Regrettable.


I hope somebody understands the above, because I need a translation


Hmm let’s try

The Support System’s E-Mail is full ? (Yea that would be bad)
They can’t communicate with support so they feel like they have to do too much of the work themselves. ?
They have a dedicated plan, but feel like their getting service of the lower cost plans. ?

That’s what I’m getting from it.


OP appears concerned about the non-threadedness approach of the ticketing system.

I’ve not had an issue that required any back & forth, but I’d be pissed with the way it’s implemented if I did (and most especially if paying a prime vps or dedicated rate).

P.S. Threadedness is a word now.


It’s threadednessless if you go back to the panel to follow up. If you send an email reply to the response email, then you’ll invoke much threadedness.


Only if you have one issue pending :wink:


I’ll raise your threadlessness with my contextlessness!