The spammers have arrived - how to handle comments?

Less than an hour after I send out an email announcing the opening of my new sites, I get 46 comments from spambots on one of my two WordPress sites.

I have it set that someone cannot leave a comment without filling out an email address etc.

I thought Dreamhosts WordPress bundle of WordPress add ons came with some sort of feature that was supposed to reduce spam.

Is it something I need to turn on somewhere?

While I am at it. Is is possible to turn comments off from some pages and or posts, while allow them for others?

my sites are and

make sure you have to approve comments. many of use use akismet which filters out spammers.

Honestly, it’s impossible to run WordPress with comments on without activating Akismet. You need to get a copy of it yourself, decide what you want to pay for it ($0 dollars works) and activate it (it’s a plug-in) at your site. You can also use some of the features in the Discussion section of your Dashboard to eliminate/control some kinds of spam.

You can activate and de-activate comments per post/page in your dashboard. Call up the post list, choose quick edit and turn on/off comments.

I will look into that thanks.

I DO have comments set for approval, but then I get 100 spam comments I have to delete.

Also, now my site has crashed, less than 24 hours after I sent out email officially launching, and with industry people from all over invited to come see it.

It crashed around 3:20. I opened a support ticket. This also happened Monday, immediately after I upgraded to VPS, but I was told it was an unrelated DNS issue.

I see one of my subsites got hit with another comments spam bomb around 2:30. I do not know if it is related, but suddenly I lost all access to my sites and my dashboard.

I will look at this askimet. Thanks.

I would still like to find out, is it possible to limit what pages have comments? Or is is an all on or all off?

You can allow or disallow comments individually as you create a post or page.

thanks. my sites are not yet verified and known, so only a few spam comments so far. I am sure I will add this stuff as time goes by.

Nice list.

Add it now, and it’ll be less painful later.

Thanks, I now have Askimet.