The site can not be reached ERR SSL VERSION INTERFERES

Can someone please help me with this error two weeks I have this problem only with my website from almost all the computers and mobiles from any city and country I check and only for my website.
I have new seo company and it started from the moment I started to work with them.
They said maybe it’s the share hosting I called godaddy and they said everything is fine with the hosting ( all though it sharing hosting with sex site)
Please help me what it can be I’m soo helpless I don’t know what to do my website is so important to me and the customers don’t call because of this error. What should I do? Sorry about my English
Thank you

Hi @dana,

If you are hosting your site through DreamHost, we suggest you get in touch with a LiveChat agent or submit a ticket directly from your panel via the link below so they can take a closer look into the issue!

Having the same issue as on the picture but raised support ticket too yet no response pretty annoyed. Dont have anything to say. ?

Do you have WooCommerce installed? This page is about a plugin using TLS v1.3 when chrome isn’t prepared for it.

Try deactivating all of your plugins. If the problem goes away, re-activate them one by one.

If you have some users getting the interference error, and others not, this could be due to PC-based anti-malware software. Try turning yours off and see what happens.

When changing to a new host that might be issuing new certs, your browser might have the key for the old site while the site is offering a new cert. If this is the case, it’s exactly the reason why certs exist - to stop some new site from pretending it’s yours. Anyone who visited the old site needs to accept the new cert and verify that they understand that it’s OK to use the new cert. My guess is that this is the problem.

@raksharjuns - you could be struggling with old XP issues that Microsoft will no longer fix.

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