The server is hacked

Hi there:

My website is hacked. My website is
and ip is

What happened? It seems all the websites on this server is hacked.

can you guys solve it as soon as possible?

If you haven’t already you should open a ticket immediately. While a few dreamhost employees do read this forum, it’s not an official method to contact support.

Dreamhost has tools that can help clean up after a hack, but that cleanup may not be perfect. Hopefully you have a backup of your site in case it’s needed. Also it’s your responsibility to secure/harden your sites against hacks. Most hackers sneak in thru leaks in themes and plugins, not wordpress core itself.

Some dreamhost wiki articles:

My Wordpress site was hacked
Harden Wordpress

i have opened a ticket. but they don’t reply

Hi There!

I apologize for any delay in response. I see that our security/abuse team sent you an email update regarding your hacked site. For further support please be sure to reply back to that email,

Matt C

BTW - if you suspect your web site to be hacked, please do not post a link to that site in a public forum. There are many types of malicious hacks. A hacked site will often infect browsers that view that site, so the infection spreads.