The server at ____ is taking too long to respond

Hi folks. I was wondering if there’s any maintenance going on at all or if there’s something I’ve done wrong at my end.

I keep getting the error (and a few other readers who have tested it):

The server at is taking too long to respond.

The site doesn’t load, there’s no error. The browser just says “waiting for…” and then times out.

I’m not sure if it’s one of those things where due to traffic your site goes down so as not to compromise other sites. It’s the same level as it was a week ago which stayed up then. (BTW, what is the upper bandwidth limit per month - I know it says unlimited, but what’s the fair usage cap?)

Hoping it’s not any plugins which were updated recently.

update: it’s ok now - for now anyway. Hmm. Just about 1h down time.

Maintenance wasn’t supposed to start yet. My server went down for a few minutes. Seems to be back up now. Give it 20 minutes or so, then file a ticket.

Hi ajroach42.

Oh I waited about half an hour then filed a ticket, but now it’s back up and the support folks will probably think I’m being stupid and can’t use a web browser properly.

I noted this just in case and asked them if it’s something I’m doing my end (so I could prevent it in future). I’m not sure exactly what it could be as I’m new to self hosting.

Seems it’s a good idea to follow @Dreamhost on twitter as they give near live updates on such stuff.

I’m wondering whether this will be a frequent issue with dreamhost as my site keeps going down.

Every now and again, all i see is “waiting…”

hmmm, i had to wait a bit too, but then it became lightening fast. not sure why. One way to check whether it might be a problem with DH or your software is to request text files like robots.txt and see if there’s a delay. If there isn’t, but there are delays loading the page, then there’s something wrong with your software. If it takes a long time to even get robots.txt, then there’s something wrong with the connection between you and DH

by the way, your /stats/ page is completely unprotected…