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I’m a beginner, and I guess I’m making beginner’s mistakes. I’ve got a bad situation on my hands that I’m hoping I can get some help correcting. I’ll try to be brief, but this requires some background.

I created a site using iWeb. It worked great and I love iWeb. Shortly after I got my site up and running I discovered iWeb is being discontinued, although I can still use it fine.

I thought I’d be doing the right thing, though, to migrate my site to something that is not discontinued, so I bought into the hype and purchased EverWeb. Long story short, EverWeb does not work. It froze constantly and cannot do the things Iweb can. I made the HUGE mistake, though, of publishing my unfinished, crappy EverWeb site before giving up on EverWeb.

So, I went back to iWeb and updated my site last week. Im getting ready to go to a conference, so I had my business cards printed with my site address, which is

Seeing what happens when someone types my site into search or even the URL bar, brings me darn near to tears. One cannot find my beautiful iWeb site that I just spent days updating. One sees my ugly EverWeb site.

I know I screwed up royally, but is there any way at all I can fix this?

My iWeb site is this:

The EverWeb site is this:

Now, thinking I could do a temporary fix before the conference. I deleted all EverWeb pages except the Home page, and on the Home page put an announcement that the user has arrived at the wrong site and to please go to the right site, which I facilitated by placing a link to the iWeb site, then republished.

Now, what REALLY has me baffled is that when I visit the site that comes up when I type “www.interlacedesigns” in the URL bar, I see my OLD EverWeb pages – not the one I just changed with the link to redirect the user.

So, I have two questions. One: Why is this old EverWeb site showing? Does it just take some time for uploaded changes to show? If I could just get the new page with the re-direct to show I could breathe again – at least until the conference is over!

And two: Is there any possible way to fix this so that when a user types “” they get the iWeb site? Is there any way to make the EverWeb site go away forever, or least put it in a dustbin and store it in some corner of the interwebs where it’s hard to find?

Thanks in advance for your help.


so the nameservers for your domain DO point to dreamhost, and the ip returned for is a dreamhost IP, but i’m not certain how you got a folder within that to point somewhere else?


Sorry, I don’t understand your question. I’ll try to answer you, though, by giving you more information. Using iWeb and EverWeb as I am, I have no control over how these pages are named. iWeb chose “Home,” while EverWeb chose “index.”

I don’t know a lot, but I do know that “index” is what a home page should be called, and I’m guessing that is why the EverWeb page (the one I don’t want) is what shows up when the user types my URL.

Because of this, I went back into EverWeb index page, and created an external link to my iWeb page. (I do see this is working now.) This is how I am pointing the user to the right page. This is all I can think of to do. I guess it works for now, but it doesn’t look very professional, so I’m wondering what options I have to fix this.


I see now. I assumed everweb was another hosting provider, googling now tho I see that everweb is a site building tool.

You’re correct that the index file is what’s accessed automatically when a user travels to a URL (I could make that sentence much more complicated, but left it basic on purpose.)

There is more than one way to do what you want to do. The best is to get rid of the everweb site and figure out how to move to the iweb site to the root level of the domain.

Unfortunately I’m not very familiar with either iWed or everweb. (I have some basic iWeb knowledge, but zero everweb knowledge), to answer your question, yes it’s very possible to do it the way you want it to work, we just have to wait for someone that knows both packages to come alone and give you some steps written at a basic level to accomplish it. I could give you less than best ways to get the job done… but those might also give you more trouble as you try to update the site in the future.


Thanks. Yes, I should have been clearer. Iweb and Everweb are both web-building programs. EverWeb has been touted as the answer to iWeb, which is no longer supported and no longer being put on new mac computers. It used to be that all macs came with iWeb installed. IWeb certainly has its limitations, but it is pretty slick if you want to do a quick web site. The best thing about iWeb for me is the way it handles photographs: you just drag and drop from iPhoto. It couldn’t be easier. And I really like the Photo gallery functionality of iWeb. The galleries look great.

EverWeb just doesn’t live up to its promises for replacing iWeb. It froze constantly and the photo functionality doesn’t even compare. If EverWeb had just worked as promised, all would be fine.

Still, a big problem with iweb is this whole index page business. I have no idea why iweb will not name my index page “index.” It seems like if I could just name my iWeb home page, now called “home” to “index” I could override the EverWeb “index” on the Dreamhost server. There is no way to do that that I can see.

Let’s hope someone with iWeb/EverWeb know-how sees this post!

Beyond all this, I’m considering giving up on both iWeb and EverWeb for something else that gives me more control over my page names, structure, and FTP. I thought DW might be the way to go. I have some experience in it, but after researching DW’s latest changes it appears that it’s ability to do image galleries and lightboxes has been severely messed up by the fact that the widget browser is no longer available!

Anyway, would you happen to have any suggestions for a good web-building program that would allow me to build image galleries and lightboxes?


Your solution here is to simply use an FTP client.

Go into your root directory (http:// and delete the index.html file.

Copy the entire Interlacedesigns directory to your home computer. Open that folder in your FTP client, and then upload those files directly to your root directory.

LakeRat is quite correct in this, but as long as you don’t have any file with “index” in its name, it should default to the home.html file. Using your FTP client, you can also rename “home.html” as “index.html”.

Have you considered a CMS like WordPress or GetSimple?


Thanks for the reply kjodle. Sorry, but i don’t know what you mean by “FTP client” and “root directory.” I did copy everything to my computer by FTP-ing to a folder. When I FTP, I don’t see the directories. Iweb and EverWeb just does it. I also don’t see my files and directories in Iweb and EverWeb.


A good FTP client is FileZilla.

FTP clients allow you to navigate the files and folders in your web directory. This will allow you to see the files iWeb and EverWeb upload.


This is what Google is for.


ooh. I’m in awe of your knowledge. GFYS

ooh. I’m in awe of your knowledge. GFYS


Well, if you’d rather continue to be helpless rather than learn to help yourself…