The process of hosting my website


I am very new to the webhosting side of things.

I have created my html css and js files within a folder on my desktop. If I want to host my files, do I just sign up for monthly hosting, then drag and drop my files on the control panel, register a domain name, and then I’m done?

I don’t really understand it just by reading the help section so if someone could explain it, I’d be very grateful.


First step: Buy a domain name. You can get that in many places on the web, but DreamHost is a domain registrar, their prices are good, and their process is simple. If you also select them for hosting, you’ll save a couple of steps down the road. (I use DreamHost to register all my domains.)

Second step: Get some hosting. If you are just starting out, shared hosting is fine. You can get hosting anywhere, but if you buy a hosting package here at DreamHost, and get your domain name here, you can go right to step three.

Third step: Upload your site. Since you’ve already created it locally, you can upload it via FTP. Yes, you can do it via a web ftp app, and DreamHost offers one, but your best bet is to use a fully-fledged FTP client like FileZilla. (FileZilla can save your login and configuration settings, making it fast and easy to log in and make changes to your site.)

If you get your hosting and domain through DreamHost, when you login to FTP, you’ll see a directory with a name like “”. You’ll upload all your files to that directory.

Keep in mind that once you register a domain name, it takes a while for that transaction to make its way around the world. (Technically, you are waiting for DNS records to propagate.) Sometimes domains have become available in as little as half an hour for me, but it can take up to 24-48 hours.

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

The only thing would add and encourage is don’t even start the bad habit of using ftp. Teach yourself from day 1 to use SFTP and “Disallows FTP” when creating users. You can use the same clients like FileZilla or WinSCP and it’s no different to use, just a couple differences when initially saving your login info.

It’s 2017… ftp is a long ago replaced protocol… it should simply be deprecated everywhere… but it’s not… and for legacy reasons probably won’t go away anytime in the near future. Starting out tho, don’t teach yourself bad habits.