The problem in the operation of the site


The big problem since almost 10 days

I am new in common dream host and when transferring personal site to host this and confronted the problem is that the site does not work with the scale conversion mechanism But the real problem is, in my view, I can not work inauguration of the site after being transferred here

Been lifted backup copy of the old site to the new formula was extracting zip files but the problem is the lack of work or work-site installation

It is a bit difficult for me to understand your problem.

It seems to me that you can’t host your website in DH.

Some people are confused by the file structure in DH. Sometimes they upload files into wrong folder. The result is that they see “page not found” when they try to view their websites.

You need to upload your web pages to right folder. If you open WebFTP via DH panel --> Domains --> Manage Domains --> WebFTP, you will be brought to the home folder of your domain. You should upload your files here (inside folder)

If you connect to your site via FTP, you will see three folders, Maildir, Logs, You should upload your files inside folder.

Hope this helps with your problem.

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In a case like this, if you have uploaded your site to DreamHost but it is not working correctly, it might help us see what is wrong if you publish a link to your site. :wink:


Agree…I am not sure I understand your problem. Can you clarify? You may try contacting support as this is a customer–>customer forum.

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The problem was removed list
I rose Melvati on Domain basic problem is that I rose and want a backup copy inauguration of a new forum without the old data

I have no idea what you just said, but I’m glad it seems you have your problem fixed! :wink: