The Pricing?

Just curious regarding the pricing. As in, lets say I get a Crazy Domain Insane plan w/ Dreamhost for 1 year and even ge a $97 discount using coupons. My question is, I read it on the hosting page… something about 50% being off on prices and these prices are on for as long as one can keep the account. So does that mean that I can either sign for a 50% Discount and keep enjoying it for forever or $97 off Coupon and enjoy it for the 1st time and then pay the full price next year onwards.

Can I not enjoy a 50% Off thing when my acc comes up for renewal :frowning:

The price will not change (you get the same price for plan forever, $19.95 for L3 ).

With the promo code you get $97 off on your first payment.

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Yeah, that’s the long-running “get L3 for L2 price” special. Promo codes still work with that, for the first year.

Edit: L3 for L2, not L3 for L1. Thanks, seiler.

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The 50% sale doesn’t apply to the Crazy Domain Insane plan (L1), with or without a promo code.

The Code Monster (L3) is the one on sale at Sweet Dreams (L2) pricing–which is still more than L1, if that’s all you need.

If you sign up for L3/Code Monster, you get to keep the 50% pricing when you renew.

If you’re asking if you can do L1 for the first year with a promo code, which is barely over $20 for the year… then sign up for L3 at 50% off, then that would depend on whether they’re still running the sale.

It seems like the sale has been going on forever, but if you’re set on having L3 @ L2 pricing, I probably wouldn’t wait a year.

I’d guess (but don’t bank on my guess!) that the price is there to stay, but it probably gets more sales when you leave it as half-off, rather than just setting the price and dropping the L2 plan.

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the purpose of the 50% discount is to get you to a better plan (more expensive). If you feel L1 plan is enough for you, you should sign up with a promo code. If you are interested in L3 plan, the 50% discount is definately better because of the long-term discount. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Upgrading is seriously easy. Start with the L1 and then upgrade if you want.

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