"The information you have entered on this page will be sent over an insecure connection"


Hi, have site selling affiliate products. When the Buy Now button is pressed, this message appears: “The information you have entered on this page will be sent over an insecure connection and could be read by a third party.
Are you sure you want to send this information?”

You have to click on Continue to move forward to the selling site. This message happens in Firefox. It does not on Chrome or Edge.

Is there a way to fix?

Thanks Much!



You need to make your page and all its element paths HTTPS. If you’re using a CMS there are several plugins that will accomplish this, however you’ll also need to enable HTTPS in your account and install the SSL certificate.

Then go through all your pages and links and make sure all the paths are changed to HTTPS…


thnx keyplyr, i enabled https several months ago, cert installed and current, used Better Search Replace plugin to fix all the urls after i moved revamped site from subdomain to replace old site. everything works, except that final Buy Now button push giving the warning message - not sure how to fix that. and again, it occurs in firefox, but not in edge or chrome…


Different browsers show different messages when dealing with unsecure form submittal. FF may do it more blatantly. Chrome and Edge may just display the info icon instead of the lock icon in the address bar. Regardless, visitors will be scared away and your site will lose trust factor so this should be resolved ASAP.

Look at the code that puts the Buy button on the page. It may be in a script and the script may be hosted remotely, but follow that path and examine the code. There’s likely a non-secure (http) URL there. If you can, change it to a secure URL (https)

If you can’t change it, go to the affiliate site (or wherever you got that code) and look for an updated and secure version. Contact their support team if needed.

Otherwise you may need to find alternative resources for this transaction. Good luck.


Yup, scaring folks was my first concern. Was thinking about the Buy Now url and your reply sealed it, started fishing with the inspector and, though not sure about a script (still learning), did figure out I could find/replace http with https in the buy links column in excel datafeed files I assemble/import. Maybe not elegant, but works until I can find/understand the script to change or contact the merchants. Thanks much!



Good job. That’s how we all learn.


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