The 'Full Unix Shell'

Just a quick question, before I (hopefully) purchase a DreamHost account, are you given root on your shell? The way it is referred to I would assume yes, but I am just making sure.

No, you get a classic user access to the shell.

There are other users on the same server, and only dreamhost can be root.

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Ok, thanks. Are there any other limitations on the shell?

well, I guess it is difficult to tell you all the rights (too many) we have on the shell.

We can customize PHP. We can install some packeges like AWStats.

If you need particular right on shell, you can always check with DH support.

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Alright, I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t like some shells Ive bought (where ‘full Unix shell’ means you can ssh in and do about two other things…). I don’t think I’ll get a better deal with these promo codes, I’ll be signing up for an account asap. Thanks for all the help, I’m loving the fast and helpful replies :smiley:

welcome to DH first!

You can definately SSH in with DH. DH’s wiki does not show the limitations but some common tasks you can do.

Hope it gives you some information.

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The shell is not really meant to be a personal playground for CPU-intensive jobs, but it’s not limited in ways you wouldn’t assume. Compilers are available, networking is available, custom binaries are no problem, unix groups can be set up, most tools you’d expect on a Debian install are present (lftp and mmv are absent though, so the more esoteric stuff you’ll have to compile yourself). In theory you could probably compile your own toolchain.

They provide much more capability than other normal “web” hosting accounts.

Welcome to DH!

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The shell is to help you administrate your website. Dreamhost is not a shell server.