The free domain reg

when you sign up and get the freew domain reg, is it free next year when it comes due again? Seems like it has been in the past, just a part of the hosting bill but I’m getting pesky domainitron mail telling to renew it…?


As far as I understand this, there are two things you pay for:

  1. A one-off registration fee. This is what you get for free from DH.
  2. A yearly or bi-yearly continuation fee. That’s something else and you have to pay this yourself. [color=#CC0000] Not true; see Josh’s post. I stand corrected :blush: [/color]

I don’t use .com/net/org domains myself so I’m not quite sure about the finer points in this. (.dk domains are paid differently.)


The previous poster is incorrect…

as long as you keep your hosting plan active, you get one free domain with it, forever! So that includes renewal fees!

Original poster, you should probably forward that message to support so they can double-check if something’s amiss, before your domain expires!


yup, see, this has happened before I think, unfortunately my mind’s not the steel trap it once (never) was and I was a little foggy on the answer.

thanks fellas


Hey cool, that means that I still have a free domain (registration + keep-alive fee) left, since I never used mine. I already had a .dk domain registered, and I pay the keep-alive directly. (A wealth of silly names-dot-com appear in my head … I wonder if they’re taken?)


from support, for the record: