The Coupon does not work and Dreamhost did not give to me my domain included Free


Yesterday I registered an account with credit card to take advantage of the promotion with the coupon code “777tax11” and free domain for one year to $9.24. The system fail and a charge was done for month $9.95 and the system Dreamhost did not give to me my domain that I requests on having registered. The system do not work and do not accept my coupon and do not register my domain.

“Quote: Sign up today for a risk-free trial of a one-year hosting plan using the promotional code “777tax11” and you’ll get an entire year of web hosting (including a domain registration) for just $9.24! That’s 92% off our normal pricing!”

$9.95 x 1 month VS $9.24 x 1 full year with Coupon.

I wish a total reimbursement and that already do not register my Free domain. Dreamhost register system failed and I do not want bad service.

I think you should log into your account and send in a support ticket. I am sure they will take care of you if there was some mistake :slight_smile:

Dear Ryo-ohki,

Thank you very much for the suggestion. I have send a support ticket.

Best regards,


Dear Ryo-ohki,

24 hours have passed and Dreamhost has not realized the return of my money or refund. The coupon did not work and the system do not register my name of domain that I request.

Dreamhost gives me sadness to have bought in Dreamhost and to have believed in his promotion.

Dreamhost: The promotions are a Deception and the system Fails very much.

I’m sorry to hear that they haven’t responded to you. I’ve had may good years of service with this company and they have never failed me. I am sure they will set your account straight. I guess its always possible they got more than they bargained for and are dealing with the backlog of problems such a juicy promotion would have caused if their system wasn’t processing the requests properly. Who’s to say though. I hope it all works out for you and just hang in there and try to be patient. Don’t give up on them yet.