The Basics

Hey everyone, I just started using dreamhost and html in general really, although i know my way around html design im have such trouble with all the ftp stuff.

my domain is and when i go there it shows my folders, i want my main.html page to show up not my folders…how do i do that? also how do i add subdomains?

thank you so much i really appreciate it

DreamHost is setup to “automagically” display a file instead of an index of folders/files if you have a file with a certain name in your directory. Any of the following file names will work “out of the box” without you having to do anything:

index.html index.shtml index.htm Index.html Index.htm Index.shtml default.htm Default.htm default.html Default.html default.shtml Default.shtml page1.html index.cgi index.php index.php3 index.phtml home.htm home.html home.shtml index.wml

That said, there are a couple of was to approach your situation. First, you could rename your “main.html” file to one of the above listed “.html” or “.htm” filenames, and it will display when someone browses to that directory.

If you really want to use “main.html” then you can use an .htaccess file to make “main.html” be displayed via the DirectoryIndex statement.

For more information about doing this, see the DH Wiki articles:

The short version, if you are more interested in “just doing it” rather than learning about it is:

Create a “plain text” file named “.htaccess” containing the single line:

DirectoryIndex main.html

and upload it to the directory containing “main.html”. This will cause “main.html” to be displayed whenever anyone visits that directory and does not specify a filename or other more specific url.


You can add subdomains via DH panel --> Domains --> Manage Domains --> Add New Domain / Sub-Domain.

You can have domain hosted under different users. That is why they ask you to select a FTP user when you create subdomain.

Basically there is no different which user you want to host the domain with. It is up to you. If you host domain1 with user1, all the files will go to /home/user1/domain1 folder. If you host domain2 with user2, all the files will go to /home/user2/domain2.

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