The "aws s3 sync" command always deletes/replaces unchanged files these days

In recent weeks, I’ve noticed that “aws s3 sync” always deletes and replaces the remote files (even if they haven’t changed). This, of course, makes the sync operations much longer than they should be (as everything has to be re-uploaded).

I’ve provided a more detailed description of the problem in this ticket on the “aws-cli” GitHub webpage. The offending code commit is located here and an apparent fix for it is stationed here. Can you guys please merge that patch into your codebase soon?

Sorry for the trouble… I asked DreamObjects developers and it looks like the patches may be applied as soon as a couple of weeks. Thank you for your patience.

Will you guys please hurry the hell up and fix this problem? I can’t even delete files from DreamObjects these days. A file that no longer exists locally can’t be deleted from the server. It is absolutely disgraceful that a bug like this has remained alive for so long!

It looks like you’ve been following along but this wasn’t backported when this was fixed in the new release - Progress is being made and we should have this in place after it’s merged and tested.

Guys, I’m well beyond being fed up with waiting for this trivial bug to be fixed. I cannot understand how something so significant can receive such a low priority. If it isn’t fixed (and implemented in DreamObjects) by next Sunday (June 12), I will be filing a formal complaint.

I have to be the bearer of bad news and let you know this won’t be implemented by the 12th. We’ve submitted a fix and we’re waiting on it to be merged into the upstream release of 0.94.8. Once it’s released, we’ll do internal testing an schedule a maintenance release if necessary.

I know it’s been several months and it sucks to wait. We’re anxious for the fix too and are working to ensure we get it resolved as soon as we can.