The authenticity of host can't established [SFTP]

hello i’m using netbeans and try to connect via ftp netbeans, authentication is succeed ( test connection ). but every time save files (uplaod) always showing error " the authenticity of host can’t established RSA finger print is blablablabla…" help :frowning:

The RSA fingerprint for your server can be found in the panel here:

but how ? FYI i’m using windows. “As a shortcut, you may copy and paste the contents of this text field into your ~/.ssh/known_hosts file.” it does mean i have to login via shell to ? sorry i dont know :frowning:

no, i don’t use netbeans anymore (did a long time ago, but no longer have installed) so i’m not sure the exact steps but you need to tell netbeans the RSA fingerprint of the server you are connecting to.

A quick google finds this: i
if that info is too old just google “neatbeans RSA fingerprint”

it’s work… thanks lakerat… u always save me :D… thanks again