The 777 promotion?

Started: 2011-01-15
This Billing Cycle: 2010-12-29 thru 2011-01-28

We will automatically rebill your ******* modify
You are rebilled on day 29 of each month (if you owe more than $9.23).
You currently owe: $0 make payment

what it means?

does it means i have to pay 9.23 per month after the 14 days trial?
or the 9.23 is the whole year fee?

i hope someone can help me.

Everybody has this.

That’s how much your bill has to be before they bother to actually bill you. If you only owe $5, that balance will carry forward until you owe more than $9.23, and then they’ll bill you on the 29th.

Mine also says $9.23 and I don’t owe anything this month, so they won’t be billing me until I actually owe them money for something, like a domain registration.

Farther down under my Hosting Plan is the money I paid and when my plan expires.